Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{ Failure Brings Change }

Well...it has been a LONG while since i have posted here. I deleted the blog and then thought that maybe that was a bad idea. I still can't decide if i want to try to have two separate blogs. It is so hard to keep up with just one. So, i will see how this goes.
The last post from who knows when was titled "To Begin." And it has taken me this long to finally begin. But, i did it. It has taken me some time to get my mind focused on what i want to accomplish and i think i am finally there. I have brushed off months that i could have been getting my diet and fitness back on track and i do not have a good reason for it...easy, lazy, busy, etc... But for whatever reason it was, i have decided FOR GOOD to change things.
I have also ordered a Fluidity Bar for my fitness plan. I have decided that i will do the Fluidity workout every other day because it is recommended that you do the workouts 48 hrs apart so your body has a chance to recover. http://www.fluidity.com/ On the off days from this workout, i am planning on running. I am sure i will have to start slow with the running because it has been months since i have ran. I just need a consistent workout schedule back in my daily routine!! Not only do i need this for weight loss, but i also need this as a stress reliever. I can do this, i know that i can.

Monday, February 18, 2013

* To Begin *

Well, isn't that the truth?? The only way to finish is to begin. What is wrong with me?? Why can't i just BEGIN? I think that is just like the saying...if you can just get that one foot out the door. And it is the honest truth. Just beginning something is most likely the hardest part.


 verb \bi-ˈgin, bē-\
be·gan  be·gun  be·gin·ning

Definition of BEGIN

intransitive verb
: to do the first part of an action : go into the first part of a process : start
a : to come into existence : arise
b : to have a starting point
: to do or succeed in the least degree <I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am>
transitive verb
: to set about the activity of : start
a : to bring into being : found
b : originateinvent
— to begin with
: as the first thing to be considered

I have been trying to "begin" for months now. I did it back in October and was doing really well. And then Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around and i have been trying to get started back ever since. But, i am PROMISING that i am going to begin tomorrow! I am going to do it. I am going to get things together today so i can start a journal of my meals and workouts. I used to do that and it totally holds you accountable for what goes into your mouth and what you do to work it off. It works! I cannot-NOT begin any longer!! (i know a double negative- but it explains what i mean perfectly)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


One of the things that i have been trying to focus on is trying to view myself in a more positive way and learn to love myself. That sounds like it is pretty easy to do, right? Well, it is a lot easier said than done. I used to think that i was a cute girl and LOVED to get dressed up and buy clothes. But ever since i gained weight, my self esteem has gone to the waste side. When you do not feel good about yourself, you do not feel like getting dressed up. Clothes are then used to hide your body rather than show your figure. These days i don't go out and buy clothes just because. I have to have something to go to in order to do that. This is not a good feeling at all. This is something that i need to definitely change!
I am promising myself TODAY that i am going to love myself enough to work harder! The motivation is there. I just have to make things happen. We are going to the beach in 3.5 weeks. I will push myself harder than i have been. I will make sure that i work out from here forward. I want to be cute again. I want to be skinny again. I want to feel better. WHY have i not made this happen?? It is so easy to overlook working out because all of the other things going on. But i have to learn to make it a priority. And i am going to!! This time i will NOT fall off the wagon. I know how great i feel when i stick to my eating well and exercising.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Here Is My Story

So...here i am with a new blog dedicated to becoming a healthier me. I have been a smaller person my entire life up until the last 6 or so years. From that point, my weight has flucuated up and down. I have been on many different diets and exercise plans that i would stick to for a while and then fall off the wagon. But that is SO easy to do! It happens to a lot of people who do it. I have no idea why i have not just stuck to a healthier way of eating and routine exercise. Well, let me back up. I know kind of why...i am a mother that works full-time, tries to manage sports (with a husband that coaches/referees and a son that plays sports) and has a 2 year old to take care of as well. I am the type of person that ALWAYS puts everyone else first and if there is any time left for me, well...that time is usually not used for me. I am trying to learn to take a little time out for myself as well. I am totally motivated to do what i need to do to get back to a healthier weight and live a healthier life but i just cannot seem to make it happen at home. Our life is always busy and i do not foresee that changing anytime soon so i am going to have to take advantage of any extra time that i can find in order to exercise. I really only need about 45 minutes to an hour/day to get it done (and more if time allows). I know why i am "fluffier" and i am going to change that. I like to hang out with friends and have drinks and have a good time but i am going to have to find a lighter/skinnier drink to have on those occasions.
As far as food goes, i really do NOT like sweets. I never really have. I will eat an occasional chocolate chip cookie here and there on rare occasions. I do not eat cake nor cupcakes at birthday parties. I have no craving for them whatsoever! I know that is a positive thing for me. I have changed the fact that we used to eat almost every dinner out and am so thankful that we have changed that. I buy healthier things to fix at home but do love potatoes and pasta. I enjoy a number of different vegetables but would love to learn to like more. The one thing that i need to work on is eating fish. I do NOT like really any kind of fish...they taste "fishy" to me. I am trying to get over that because it is good for you. I could probably eat shrimp daily though!
Exercise is something that i do not just love to do. But, when i do it consistently, i feel so much better and am such a happier person. I do enjoy running. It totally clears your mind and makes everything seem better. The first foot out the door is the hardest step and then it all just falls into place. But, i am going to change it!!
Here is my motivation picture...
The girl to the far left is my favorite!!